I was born in the geo-political border zone of Texas and Mexico. This rich, often explosive mix of circumstances has shaped my approach to life and art making.

My undergraduate work began at San Antonio College, in 1987. Two years later I moved to Seattle and attended Cornish College of the Arts on scholarship, receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with Honours in 1991.

In 1993, I moved to Sydney and began exhibiting painting, installation and conceptual work both in the U.S. and Australia. In 2006, I earned my Masters degree in painting from Sydney College of the Arts. In the same year I researched the ‘body at work’ through active participation as an artist in residence in factories and offices around Sydney. This culminated in a series of 8 public art installations known as the Webless Weavers Project; commissioned by Manly Council in conjunction with Manly Art Gallery & Museum.

My work is a continual exploration of the body as a site of transformation and the construction/deconstruction of identity.

Artists Statement   

We are all migrants continually traversing not only the spatial boundaries of continents and culture, but also the subcutaneous, internal geographies of body, emotion and psyche. My work concerns itself with this interiority and its relationship to the construction/deconstruction of identity. I am interested in the body as a site of transformation. Paintings on Mylar films suggest a metamorphosis into a realm of which, one can be only partially aware. Figures are caught between lives no longer what they were, yet not what will be. Within this zone of possibility, identity is challenged and desire ignited, pushing beyond the limits of form.

Rhonda Dee



2018 Post Graduate Certificate Psychotherapy--Jansen Newman Institute
2006 Master of Arts (Honors)--Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney
1991 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors)--Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA
1987 San Antonio College, USA—Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, San Antonio, TX

Temporary Public Art

2019-20 Woven Voices with Diamando Koutsellis, Magnetic Places, Penrith Council, NSW
2019 A Little Bird Told Me, with Diamando Koutsellis, Penrith Council, NSW.
2006 Webless Weavers Project, Manly Council, Manly Art Gallery & Museum
2002 Wildworks Productions in the gallery, Manly Art Gallery & Museum
2002 Body of Miracles/Body of Disasters Shrine, Manly Art Museum, Frameworks Project

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Plundering the Verge, MCLEMOI Gallery, Sydney
2013 Vessels and Voyages, Incubate Gallery, Bankstown Art Centre
2011 Material Immaterial, Harrison Galleries, Sydney
2010 Second Nature, Artereal Gallery , Sydney
2009 The Incomplete Original, July 24-Sept. 6, Manly Art Gallery & Museum
2008 The Only Moving Thing, Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space, Sydney
2007 Dis-solutions, Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space, Sydney
2001 The map within, Cutcliffe Gallery, Sydney
1999 Cutcliffe Gallery, Newtown, NSW
1998 Magnifica, MaudeSpace Gallery, Sydney
1997 Homelands, Enzo Gallery, Sydney
1996 Emerging from the web (memories, shrines and dreams…)”, Gallery AD 163

Group Exhibitions

2020 Lost & Found, International ceramic exhibition, Yelo House Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2018 Inspire, Bankstown Arts Centre, Bankstown
2017 Transmute, Gallery pompom, Sydney
2016 Friends Past and Present, Haven SBX Gallery, New York
2014 Close Encounters exhibition and performance, Urban Theatre Projects, Bankstown
2014 Creative Revisions, Macquarie University Art Gallery
2014 Macquarie University Art Gallery, Creative Revisions:  50 years of artistic responses to the University campus. Department of Biological Sciences
2014 Field of Visions: Art and Astronomy, Macquarie University Art Gallery
2013 BEAMS Art Festival, Chippendale, Sydney
2013 Collection 4, Articulate Project Space, Sydney
2012 Shadows of a Nation, MCLEMOI Gallery, Sydney
2011 Walk on the Wildside, Harrison Galleries, Sydney
2010 Material Immaterial, Bruckner Art Gallery New York, NY
2010 A Book About Death, The Lunchbox Murders, Long Island, NY
2010 Um Livro Sobre a Morte, Museu Brasilerio da Escultura, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2006 Post Graduate Degree Show, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
2005 Record, Cornish College of the Arts Gallery, Seattle, WA
2002 Dattilo-Rubbo Memorial Exhibition, Manly Art Gallery & Museum
2001 Gallery artists, Cutcliffe Gallery, Sydney
2000 Elegant grandeur, Southwest Art Month, San Antonio, TX

Artist Residencies

2017  Blacktown Arts Centre Artist Residency
2015 Urban Theatre Projects, Sydney
2014  Macquarie University Department of Biological Sciences
2014  Bankstown Arts Centre, Close Encounters Residency


2015 Macquarie University Art Gallery
2013 Australia China Art Foundation (ACAF)
2010 Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2010 Long Island University, NY, USA
Private, national and international collections

Grants and Public Commissions

2019 Magnetic Places Grant, Penrith City Council
2014 Macquarie University Art Gallery commission
2009 Manly Art Gallery and Museum, Webless Weavers Project, Manly Council
2002 Manly Art gallery & Museum, Frameworks Project, Manly Council


2012 Wilson Art Award Finalist
2002 Warringah Art Prize Finalist
2001 Liverpool Art Prize Finalist

Arts and Mental Health Workshops

2019  Torrens University, Mental Health and Well-being forum, Art Therapy Workshop
2019 Mental Health Week Workshops, Kogarah Library, Kogarah
2018-19 Art for Wellness Program: art workshops for mental health and well-being, Bankstown Art Centre, supported by Southwest Sydney Local health District, Mental Health NSW
2017  Art for Life, Banks House Anxiety Clinic with Beautiful Minds, Bankstown Hospital, Bankstown

Public Art Programs Australia

2019 “A Little Bird Told Me”, Community arts workshops, Village Cafe, Kingswood, Penrith Council
2016 Frida Kahlo: Art Life Culture & Chocolate, Lecture and Art workshops Masterclass, Bankstown Art centre
2016 Art and Dementia program, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
2014-18 Supported Studio Program for Artists with Disabilities, Australian Foundation for Disability, Bankstown Arts Centre
2017-18 Access Art program for Cerebral Palsy, Casula Powerhouse Art Centre
2017-18 Children’s art classes programs, Fairfield City Art Museum
2014-19 Creative Painting & Drawing, Bankstown Art Centre, adult visual art

Public Speaking Engagements

2016 Frida Kahlo: Art Life Culture & Chocolate, Manly Art Museum/Arts Festival Event.
2016 Frida Kahlo: Art, Life Culture Master Class, Bankstown Arts Centre.
2012 MCLEMOI Gallery, Gallery presentation series.
2012 Bankstown Arts Centre, GetSmart Forum on Creative Ageing
2008 Artist Talk, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, The Incomplete Original
2006 Artist Talk, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Webless Weavers Project
2006 Northern Beaches Arts Forum, Guest Speaker, Manly Art Gallery & Museum

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2018 – National Association of Visual Artists
2017 – Flying Arts Alliance

The Incomplete Original   |   Exhibition Photograph

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