Rhonda Dee’s paintings are a metaphor for the complex and powerful process of creative push and pull by which we change and develop the force of our physical, intellectual and emotional potential.
Her emergent beings, some swathed in dappled veils, are incomplete with nascent ears and tails, skeletal hands and tiny feet. Others are visceral flesh and folds with hollows and dark depths and sinewy limbs. Formless, fluid, embryonic specimens are adrift in a vacuum, vulnerable and awaiting emergence like a bug to a butterfly.

Barbara Dowse Curator, Artereal Gallery
Excerpt from the Exhibition Essay  


Dee’s paintings make static a fleeting instant in a perpetual cycle of transformation, as what she calls the “internal geography” of shifting individual identity seeps through the fragile membrane dividing interior from exterior and is mapped across the body.

Tracey Clement
Excerpt from the Exhibition Catalogue Essay  



Mclemoi Gallery
Rhonda Dee


Current Exhibitions

Artists Residency   |   July - October   |   2017
Blacktown Arts Centre

Transmute   |   August 5th - 26th   |   2017.
Gallery pompom, 39 Abercrombie St, Chippendale NSW

Friends Past and Present   |   2016
Haven SBX Gallery, New York

Frida Kahlo: Art Life Culture & Chocolate   |   2016
Manly Art Museum/Arts Festival Event 2016


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