“Rhonda Dee’s paintings are a metaphor for the complex and powerful process of creative push and pull by which we change and develop the force of our physical, intellectual and emotional potential. (Continue)

Barbara Dowse  |  Curator
Artereal Gallery, Sydney, 2010


“Rhonda’s Webless Weavers project explored through a fusion of sculpture, photography and drawing the dynamics of change and unpredictability in today’s working society and workplaces. We have offered her a solo exhibition for a new larger body of work in 2009.”

Katherine Roberts  |  Curator
Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney, 2007


“Rhonda Dee’s acrylic works on Mylar and canvas are like molten lava explosions. Stag exemplifies the free-flowing acrylic colours while Interval is like a giant amoeba, a distorted human figure and a lost face all rolled into one image. Dee was born near the border of Texas and Mexico and her work reveals a study of frontiers and, in her words, “the ambiguity of self in contemporary society”.

Clara Iccarino  |  Arts Writer
Sydney Morning Herald, Open Gallery, 2007


"Her technique is so fluid and unconstrained, yet she is able to create very powerful and enchanting forms. In all her work there is a nostalgic undertone that instantly engages the audience. Dee pushes her unique mastery of technique which is always moving and re-inventing itself. We, at the gallery, are pleased to announce her next show in October, 2008.”

Caroline Wales  |  Director
Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney, December 2007

Dee articulates through her art how the kinaesthetic realms of the body are formed experientially. Her work is characterised by its high levels of critical and technical ambition, and a unique sense of spatial language.

Andrew Speirs PhD.  |  Senior Lecturer
Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, 2006


“Rhonda Dee’s work is critically and aesthetically engaging, refined and deeply moving. She is invested in her art practice not only as a practitioner, but as an explorer. She continues to search for new methods of creating meaning and perhaps more importantly, she is successful in allowing the viewer to join her inquiry, which leads to mutual discovery a long the way.”

Craig Snyder MFA  |  Curator
Cornish Art Gallery, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, 2006

The Only Moving Thing  |   Exhibition Photograph

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