A Little Bird Told Me

Temporary Public Work
June 2019 | Kingswood

Public Work Images

“A Little Bird Told Me…Kingswood is a beautiful place”

Have you ever heard the phrase “A little bird told me…”? It is often followed by a wise statement or insider knowledge about life and shared between friends. It is the kind of question that positions us in time and space with each other…a shared space where conversation begins. This was the beginning of an idea that hatched with the support of Penrith Council and the Village Café and generous community participation.

The result has been a flock of ceramic birds which have alighted in the parks trees with messages descending directly from the heart of the community about their thoughts, wisdom and feelings about life and their sense of place in the world. Birds in flight are reflected marking the foot paths of Kingswood in and out of Wainwright Park, as far as Peppermint Reserve, Kingswood High School, Kingswood Primary School, The train station, the hospital, West Care Op shop, the Anglican Church, and the oval.

Everyday citizens of Kingswood have shared their time and have created connections to people and place by participating in making this positive and transformative public artwork. We would like to say thank you to everyone for participating through drawings, painting sculptures, writing down feelings, memories and imaginings, for the laughter, engaging conversations, and stories about art, life, and meaning in your local area.

A Little Bird Told Me is a public arts project by artists – Rhonda Dee and Diamando Koutsellis. This artistic team consistently blends community engagement with professional expertise which results in uniquely beautiful artworks that delight, surprise and build connection in local communities.



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