Residency: Urban Theatre Projects


In 2015 I was invited by Urban Theatre Projects to take up residency. Expanding my practice to include sound, movement, and the spoken word in their theatre space was the catalyst I needed to invigorate new ideas dedicated to my ongoing explorations of the body at work. Radi8-2 was a series of collaborative processes which fused four artistic disciplines of visual art, contemporary dance, poetry, and music together with the four elements. Handmade electronic instruments incorporated fire, explosive prose performances blended words into air, paintings made with mud as costume and backdrop supported outstanding contemporary dance in a pool of moonlit water. The result of the residency was a unique blending of multidisciplinary practices into sketches that explored ritualized movements of the human body at work in an uncertain world.


Anna McKee   |   Dancer

Tom Hogan   |    Composer, Sound Designer, Poet

Hirofumi Uchino   |   Sound Producer

Mark Hall   |    Musician

Exhibited Works


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